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Unfortunately, due to the sudden death of the Sole Proprietor this business will no longer continue. If you have any queries or outstanding issues please contact David Booth at his email address boothy55@yahoo.co.uk.

I established Electron VAT Consultancy in 2008 after a career of over 18 years with HM Customs & Excise, and then HM Revenue & Customs. During my career with HMC&E/HMRC I experienced the full range of their activities culminating in being appointed a senior officer within the Tax Avoidance Partial Exemption (TAPE) team.

This team specialised in complex VAT matters. At the same time I was a mentor to fellow VAT Inspectors in both giving advice and acting as a liaison point with the specialist VAT Policy Units, who propose and draft VAT legislation.

Since leaving HMRC I have mainly been contracted by accountancy practices that do not have their own in-house VAT specialists. I have also been contracted by leading tax investigation firms and a number of other companies, especially in the building and construction industry, including some with a turnover exceeding 100 million. However, Electron VAT Consultancy is not too big to be out of touch with small and medium enterprises.

I advise on all VAT matters. My experience when working for HMC&E/HMRC, especially within the Tax Avoidance Partial Exemption (TAPE) team, means that complex issues involving land & property, partial exemption, international services etc. are well within the scope of my expertise. Also, I have experience of Cross-Tax Evasion (CTE) investigations, involving all taxes, whilst within HMRC.

I have undertaken extensive work on behalf of charities and social enterprises, assisting them with minimising the impact of VAT on their core activities. Businesses and colleges in the education and vocational training sectors have also benefitted from my VAT advice.

My charges reflect my expertise but are not inflated to burden my clients with the overheads that other VAT consultancy practices may incur. My hourly rate is chargeable at 10 units per hour. My invoices provide a detailed narrative of the work undertaken so the client can be satisfied of the work that was undertaken on their behalf.

I may charge for travelling expenses outside the Greater Manchester area but unlike some other VAT consultants I do not charge for my travelling time.

Phil Booth BSc (Hons), DIS